The CONTACT HOTEL Alizé Montmartre provides its customers with a plethora of detective novels or “thrillers for intimates”

It is in our Cafeteria - Library area open 24 hours a day that we invite you to "savor" over a cup of coffee or hot chocolate these fascinating intrigues intertwining crimes, motives, culprits, victims, modus operandi and investigation. from police.

You can also borrow these books from us and enjoy them in your room; we are happy to make them available for your stay.

Initiated or curious, make your choice: noir novel, thriller, detective story, historical or thriller.

What a delight to read or reread Dan Brown's masterpiece "Da Vinci Code" or the classic but unmissable books by Stephen King (Jessie; Misery etc etc …) Let's not forget the well-known series of works by Mary Higgins Clark (Neither seen nor known; Sleep my pretty etc etc …)Also, more confidential but nevertheless effective, do not hesitate to discover authors such as Patrica MacDonald or David Baldacci and the others who honor our library.

Happy reading, We remain at your disposal,


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CONTACT HOTEL ALIZE MONTMARTRE as of January the 1st 2017 !

Dear Guests,

We are pleased to announce that the year 2017 will keep its promises and start in style: The Best Western Montmartre Alizé becomes Contact Hotel Alizé Montmartre on January the 1st of 2017. We remain the same and make ours the slogan of our new brand : we favor "human contact in addition". For all our team, becoming a Contact Hotel is more than wanting a satisfied guest, it is to privilege values: welcoming, personalization and loyalty.   Chers Clients,  


Chers Clients

Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que l’année 2017 tiendra ses promesses et commencera en toute beauté : Le Best Western Montmartre Alizé devient Contact Hotel Alizé Montmartre au 1er janvier 2017. Nous restons les mêmes et pour reprendre le slogan de notre nouvelle enseigne, nous privilégions « le contact humain en plus ». Pour toute notre équipe, devenir un établissement Contact Hôtel, c’est davantage que vouloir un client satisfait de l’hébergement, c’est privilégier des valeurs : l’accueil, la personnalisation et la fidélisation.   


Estimados Clientes,  

Estamos encantados de anunciar que 2017 se inicia bajo los mejores auspicios y va a cumplir sus promesas : El Best Western Alize Montmartre se convierte en Contact Hotel Alizé Montmartre a partir de enero 2017. Seguimos siendo los mismos y por utilizar el tema de nuestra nueva marca : se prefiere el "contacto humano de más." Para nuestro equipo, convertirse en un Contact Hotel, es más que buscar clientes contentos del alojamiento es promover los valores universales de : hospitalidad, personalización y fidelidad.